The iStick is a compact 2200mah, 20w box mod that  you can hold in the palm of your hand. Complete with an incremental OLED screen which displays power, battery life and resistance.

Ive purchased quite a collection of vaping devices; this is my favorite go-to battery now. Its simple; you can change power (voltage/wattage) by very simple clicks of the 3 buttons (power, up, down). menus to scroll through, its very intuitive and you dont have to read a micro font book to understand how to use it.

Its very powerful (more power than I need) and the batter last a long time. I just ordered a new one, for my nephew, so dont buy one today. Wait until next week. Ill be buying another one for me as well. And the price! What a deal, and it works better than far more expensive batteries. So far, all of my tanks fit on it too.it website is